Polishing and Sandblasting in Orthodontics

Date - 10/03/2011



The Jetpolisher 2000


Tooth Cleaning tool

Airpolishing - Indispensible in Orthodontic Office

Airpolishing units are used routinely in general dental practice for plaque and stain removal and for every situation when enamel is cleaned, such as prior to bonding procedures. For example, Scott and Greer ( J.P.Dent 1987) found airpolishing to be the most effective, prior to fissure sealant application.


Following a paper by Gerbo, Barnes and Leinfelder (AJODO 1993) the use of airpolishing is routinely taught in dental hygiene programs as a method of choice for cleansing the tooth surface.


Prior to bracket placement

Airpolishing is the method of choice for cleaning the enamel prior to bracket placement.


It has been shown to cause less damage to the enamel surface than the pumice and rubber cup technique ( Willmnn et al JADA 1980) In addition, Sodium Bicarbonate is soluble and easily and completely washed away, Pumice is not- micron particles can be retained in the enamel grooves, and interfere with the bonding.


Ideal for cleaning around fixed appliances

Rapid and simple plaque and debris removal allows the orthodontist to work in a clean esthetic field. The remnants of recent meals or in-between snacks need no longer waste valuable chairside time. No need to set up a hygiene appointment, a few moments with the Jetpolisher 2000 is all that it takes to clean the field.


Barnera et al. found that airpolishing was the most effective of plaque removal for orthodontic patients, providing excellent access without damage to the orthodontic appliance. Frequent cleaning with an airpolisher resulted in a greater reduction in gingival bleeding and marginal redness compared with pumice and rubber cup technique. This was attributed to the more thorough removal of plaque. It is virtually impossible to adequately adequately clean around fixed appliances using a rubber cup technique. The Jetpolisher 2000 is an invaluable aid in the prevention of enamel decalcification around orthodontic appliances.


Excellent for Stain removal after debanding

The Jetpolisher 2000 makes light work of clean up following debanding procedures. A few minutes with the Jetpolisher 2000 will remove all the residual stain. At follow-up appointments after debanding, some additional staining is sometimes seen, the Jetpolisher 2000 is close at hand to deal with this.


HST™ Polishing System

The Jetpolisher 2000 incorporates the unique HST ™ Homogeneous Stream Technology Polishing system. In this system:

  • The air, water and powder are mixed homogeneously prior to emission from the Softening of the surface of the abrasive particles begins within the spray head producing a gentler yet efficient cleaning action.
  • Only 35 psi of air pressure is needed, providing a gentler and safer procedure.

The homogenous stream technology eliminates the build-up of anhydrous sodium bicarbonate that occurs at the nozzle orifice, that results in the nozzle clogging, seen so frequently, in other systems.


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