Polishing and sandblasting in orthodontics
Date - 10/03/2011

Airpolishing units are used routinely in general dental practice for plaque and stain removal and for every situation when enamel is cleaned, such as prior to bonding procedures. For example, Scott and Greer ( J.P.Dent 1987) found airpolishing to be the most effective, prior to fissure sealant application.

Air polishing: a comprehensive review of the literature.
Date - 04/03/2011

Oral health care professionals have a responsibility to patients to engage in life-long learning in order to provide the most contemporary clinical care. This review of air polishing should enable clinicians to make sound decisions regarding the most appropriate treatment for each patient. Air polishing has been studied extensively and, when used appropriately, provides a safe, efficient and contemporary approach to achieving a variety of treatment goals.

Esthetic Dentistry Technique
Date - 03/03/2011

Clinical application of sandblasting using the MiniblasterTM from Deldent Ltd


Suitable for intraoral use, the MiniblasterTM is designers to enhance adhesive dentistry procedures.


Airpolishing in Oral Implantology
Date - 02/11/2010

Airpolishing was developed in the early 1970’s as a technique for fast and efficient removal of extrinsic stains, plaque and other soft deposits from the teeth [figs. 1-2]. It comprises a stream of pressurized air carrying specially graded particles of a mild soluble abrasive - usually sodium bicarbonate, mixed with a stream of water. This combination is directed at the tooth surface to be cleaned. The application of air polishing to implantology can be divided into two areas:

(1) Routine maintenance of implants.

(2) Surface preparation in treating peri-implantitis.

Sandblasting in the Orthodontic Practice
Date - 02/11/2010

The Deldent MiniblasterTM is being recognized as an indispensable chairside tool in the orthodontic practice.

An Airpolisher for Everyone
Date - 02/11/2010

We all know that patients want whiter teeth. But before they can enjoy the whiter, brighter, more beautiful smiles they demand, there's a prerequisite: a clean tooth surface, free of bacterial plauqe and stains.

Clearing the air about Chairside Sandblasting
Date - 02/11/2010


Advances in adhesive dentistry has resulted in sandblasting, to increase micro-retention, being preformed as a routine procedure. Instead of wearing a path from the patient's chair to the office lab to clean excess cement from patient's temporary or loosened permanent crown...the procedure is a half-turn away.





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