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DUST INN 2000 - Product No : 502900

Dust Inn 2000TM

A beautiful solution for today’s dental practices, the DUST INN 2000™ keeps the air clean during clinical sandblasting – in style! Sleek styling, just-right proportions, and ease of operation make this hard worker a natural for small labs, and chairside use. Just 12 ½” in diameter and 9” high, it’s a comfortable fit on countertops. The all-around vision dome eliminates the need for special lighting, and the comfortable flexi handguards fit all wrist sizes and still keep the grit where it belongs.


Simply plug in the DUST INN 2000™ to any wall outlet, push the “on” button, and enjoy clean air and dust-free surfaces in your lab and operatory. For use with the Deldent Miniblaster and may be used with any clinical sandblaster.

I am very pleased to use routinely your Miniblaster™ and Dust Inn™ units. I really feel they are indispensable in my practice specialized in Esthetic and prosthetic Dentistry. I use them prior to bonding of ceramic, composite or metallic prostheses, but also before a conventional cementation with a temporary or a final luting cement. Micro-Mechanical retentions with the Miniblaster™ are still the best way to promote the adhesion of composite resins on a composite subtrate. The Miniblaster™ is very efficient also to remove any temporary cement inside a provisional crown prior a re-cementation.

Bernard Touati
Paris, France

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