Dental ultra sonic scaler
JETSONIC 2000M - Product No : 533000

Jetsonic 2000MTM - Ultrasonic Scaler

Finally, it’s all here: the first ultrasonic scaler/airpolisher that accepts BOTH 25K and 30K inserts. Other manufacturers sell 25/30K scalers without polisher combinations, or combination scaler/polishers that only accept 30K inserts, but DELDENT has it all, for economy, convenience and time saved. This hardworking combo unit runs on sensor technology and has the ability to “read” what the user is doing when the desired handpiece is removed from its holder with no manual switching.


The POWER SURGE MODE™ footswitch revs up the power without having to stop in either mode. And at about $1,000 less than similar brand models, DELDENT provides more technology for less.

We purchased our Deldent Jetsonic almost three years ago. The product itself has worked beautifully with excellent results clinically and very little maintenance required. Donna has been our customer service representative and has always gone the extra mile for us. She has had great suggestions and responded in a friendly, efficient and helpful manner to all of our requests. If I were in the market for another cavitron I would not hesitate to buy from Deldent again.

Dr. Barbara Ollech
Spring Valley

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