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MINIBLASTER - Product No : 505000

MiniblasterTM - Clinical Sandblaster

The Miniblaster™ is the worlds first fully autoclavable hand held clinical sandblaster,
with index finger control valve, providing maximum ergonomic control for both right and left handed operators. The unique ratchet system simplifies directional nozzle rotation.
An in-line pressure stopcock with built in quick disconnect and installation kit are included allowing simple installation to air supply without a service engineer. This unique product has been acclaimed worldwide for its no-nonsense ability
to get the job done quickly and efficiently year after year.

A full range of hook-up options are available as are a range of special adaptors that enable the Miniblaster™ to be connected to and activated through the standard dental turbine hose.

I am writing to advise you that I have been using your Miniblaster™ clinical sandblasting unit for some time.  I specifically like the finger control valve design, which gives much better spray control than the competitive unit.  The fact that the whole unit is autoclavable rather than just the tip, is a very important feature in preventing cross infection and the nozzle ratchet rotation system gives excellent control of the nozzle angulation.
Having had experience with both units, I can heartedly recommend the Miniblaster™ as an essential tool for today’s clinical dentistry.

Edward Philips
D.D.S. Toronto, Canada

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