Diamond Polishing Paste
DIAGLAZE 2GM EXTRA FINE - Product No : 520005

DIAGLAZE 2GM FINE - Product No : 520006
DIAGLAZE 2GM REGULAR - Product No : 520007

DIAGLAZE 3-PACK - Product No : 520004


DiaGlaze™ is a unique range of natural diamond polishing pastes perfect for both the Dentist and Dental Laboratories for polishing ceramics, composites and metal restorations.


Available in 2 gram syringes in 3 grades - Standard, Fine and Extra Fine to achieve optimum results with grades of 0-2, 0-1 and
0-1/2 micron respectively.


Jetstream Airpolishing Powder

A super-fine consistency is the secret to JETSTREAM powder’s popularity for use in the JETPOLISHER 2000™ and all airpolishers. Fresh-tasting sodium bicarbonate powder has a hint of mint for sparkling, squeaky clean prophys every time. Conveniently packed in 4-pack cartons, each plastic snap-lid jar is foiled-sealed for purity, and is just the right size for easy filling. No more pouring from clumsy, oversized bottles. More good news – ounce for ounce, the best prophy powder value around. Ask your dealer for JETSTREAM AIRPOLISHING POWDER by DELDENT.

Dental tools
CARTON - Product No : 500004

Dental Air polisher
50 MICRON ALUMINUM OXIDE- Product No : 505050
90 MICRON ALUMINUM OXIDE - Product No : 505090

Deldent Aluminum Oxide

IFor All Your Sandblasting Needs
Pure white aluminum oxide in plastic two-pound bottles in your choice of 50 or 90 micron grit sizes. Keep both on hand – use 90 micron for heavy work such as initial cement cleanup, and the finer 50 micron for surface enhancement prior to bonding to increase bond strength. For use in the DELDENT MINIBLASTER™ and all other sandblasters.

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