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Ultrasonic Inserts

recognized the need for a quality insert line at an affordable price. Ours have all the bells and whistles: great pricing, generous warranty, solid, built-tough craftsmanship, and all the popular shapes and angles users wanted, in the customer's choice of both 25K and 30K sizes. Most important, they needed to be compatible with virtually every ultrasonic stack-type scaler in use in the USA today.



DELDENT enjoys a well-deserved reputation as the manufacturer who makes the best, most reliable Ultrasonic Scaler Inserts for the price anywhere. Other companies trust us to represent them by producing their private label brand, using our quality product. There are cheaper inserts on the market, and more expensive inserts, too, but not better inserts with the value today's economy demands.


Dental ultrasonic Scaler inserts


My customers love them – the quality, the durability – at a great price!

You can’t kill ‘em

A reliable, hard-working insert for the money

Generous warranty

For the last 6 years since discovering Deldent, I have been using their ultrasonic inserts in our surgeries. The quality is equal to any of the other ultrasonic 25k/30k inserts on the market, our Hygenists constantly look for them. As the price is so competitive I don't have to hold on to the worn ones forever.


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Deldent’s fine range of products have been well received by many distributors worldwide and their customers