The JetPolisher 2000-Every Clinician Should Know

Ann M. Drewenski, RDH

A Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH) has the responsibility to their patients to help them maintain great oral health and entire body health. This is accomplished by the elimination of plaque and biofilms. Researchers have found evidence that the amount of bacteria in subgingival plaques, the deep plaques in periodontal pockets and around the teeth, may contribute to an individual’s risk of a heart (disease and other systemic conditions such as Diabetes, Respiratory Disease and Pregnancy) attack, according to studies appearing the Journal of Periodontology. (The same bacteria have also been associated with Diabetes, Respiratory Disease and Pregnancy). While Every patient is different and may present with many different situations, whether they have implants, full orthodontic brackets, periodontal patient or a routine general prophylaxis, they all (still) accumulate and develop plaque. There are many different instruments and units available to remove these harmful bacteria. The focus of this article will be on who can use the JetPolisher 2000®, what the JetPolisher 2000 accomplishes, how the JetPolisher works, and the many advantages of the JetPolisher 2000.

I think a description of what a Jetpolisher2000 is, should precede who uses it – ALAN The Jetpolisher 2000 is a small, compact air/powder polishing system that is easily portable from unit to unit.

It requires no installation, and connects directly to the 4-hole handpiece tubing connector of the dental unit. Pressure on the regular foot control of the dental unit then activates the Jetpolisher 2000 The Jetpolisher 2000 has a unique patented homogenous stream technology H.S.T. polishing system, which delivers a gentle thorough cleaning in less time than other methods.

More than 50% in time can be saved, and the procedure is less tedious for the clinician than other methods, such as the prophy cup and paste. The H.S.T. system works by the air, water and powder are mixed homogeneously prior to emission from the nozzle producing a more efficient polishing stream, which creates only 35 p.s.i amount of air pressure, providing a gentler and safer procedure.

The H.S.T.system has been shown to cause no damage to titanium implant surfaces (Barnes et al, I.J.O.M.I. 1991). This system also eliminates the clogging that’s so frustrating with other polishers.

The nozzle clogging is eliminated by preventing the build up of anhydrous sodium bicarbonate that occurs at the nozzle orifice in other systems. A Registered Dental Hygienist can (has the ability to) use the JetPolisher2000 after scaling, to remove (removing) stain and plaque during a routine prophylaxis.

The efficient homogenous stream generated by the Jetpolisher 2000 easily reaches interproximal areas where crowding exists, as well as under and around even complex restorations. (This is an airpolishing system which is a technique for cleaning tooth surfaces, and efficiently removing stain and soft tissue deposits.)

The JetPolisher 2000 is superb for cleaning abutments, prior to cementation of restorations, removal of fissure plaque prior to fissure sealants, and to clean enamel prior to bonding procedures.

The sodium bicarbonate stream is completely soluble and so there are no insoluble deposits left on the tooth surface after rinsing to interfere with bonding procedures.

The JetPolisher 2000 works great prior to whitening procedures. It is also ideal for cleaning around fixed appliances i.e., orthodontics, where rotary instruments cannot reach. It is the only unit that is FDA cleared for cleaning around implants during implant maintenance procedures, (cleaning superstructures, and in treatment of peri-implantitis) it is not FDA cleared for these procedures, so please remove this sentence!

2. The JetPolisher 2000 is a great tool that can be utilized by Periodontists during periodontal treatments – for cleaning root irregularities and depressions. (and also for guided tissue regeneration, which requires root debridement to achieve biocompatible surfaces for regeneration of lost supporting tissues).

-If you have seen it used during regenerative procedeures in the clinics you work then you can mention this as a personal note, but if not, it is not safe to make this claim!!

The FDA might object!!! (The JetPolisher 2000 reaches inaccessible areas such as interproximally, its, fissures, grooves and around orthodontic fixed appliances).

Already mentioned above! In summary The (many features of the) JetPolisher 2000 offers many excellent features and benefits. (are the unit has). The unique patented HST system, is a single nozzle system producing a low pressure stream with softened particles, that will not damage titanium implant or transmucosal element surfaces. It is small and compact, and is FDA cleared for cleaning around titanium implants.

The patented self cleaning head eliminates nozzle clog that is a major cause of down time with other systems. It has a fully detachable and autoclavable handpiece, and the unit is fully portable, requires no installation, and has a large volume powder reservoir sufficient for multiple prophys. The JetPolisher 2000 is a fantastic system for the clinician to utilize on their patients to help maintain a healthy environment orally and systemically.

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